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Italy Ancient & Coloseum




Discover Campidoglio (Capitoline hill), one of the seven hills of Rome, which was the site of the Temple of Jupiter, considered one of the largest and most beautiful in the city; became in the middle ages the centre of the civic government, and remodelled by the very hand of Michelangelo in the Renassaince.

Pass by the Venice square with the Vittoriano monument, nowadays considered the "Altar of the Homeland".

Walk trough the heart of the Ancient city, the Roman Forum, where our expert will bring back to life the memories of a lost world, from the assassination of Julius Caesar to fascinating details of daily life in ancient Rome. See the Mamertine prison, centrepiece in a roman triumphant procession, and where according to tradition St. Peter and Paul have been imprisoned.

Visit the lush Palatine hill, a large open air museum with the remains of the emperors palaces and their private playgrounds, and where according to the legend Romulus founded the city in 753 BC after killing his brother Remus.

 And finally, Coliseum, the most imposing of all roman monuments , where thousands of men and wild animals were put to death before a blood-thirsty audience. Admire the incredible engineering genius of the Romans and hear about the incredible speed at which they were able to build. Learn about the mad emperors that performed in the arena as gladiators. Duration 2,5 hours.

Your guide will be delighted to pass-on good suggestions on restaurants, wine-bars and other useful information.

3:00 p.m.

 (mondays - wensdays - fridays - saturdays)

from march 15th to november 1th 2008


(Tour suitable for children)



Euro 30,00 per person


E.U. Students from 12 up to 24 years Euro 25,00 

(Only with valid European Union official ID Documents)


Children under 12 Euro 20,00

Under 6 free



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